SJMR inaugural Educational Series a huge success!

Thanks to Jill Burchmore, certified ChiRunning coach, a mixed crowd of 22 were ‘running in their bikinis’ in the parking lot at the Montrose Rec Center Thursday evening April 5th. That was just one of the visuals Jill gave us to think about while trying to run a mindful, effortless and efficient way. Chi Running is all about keeping centered and initiating movement from an engaged core…a basic concept for all aspects of life, right? Thus the name “Chi”, which is defined as the body’s vital force or energy. Other key components to ChiRunning are:

*A slight forward lean from the ankles
*90’ bend in the elbows as they go behind the body
*Maintaining a cadence of 180 at all times
*Midfoot strike – just behind the ball of the foot
*Look ahead to a focal point in the distance to keep your head and body lifted

If you are interested in learning more about ChiRunning contact Jill at, purchase the book by Danny Dreyer, or check out a video on YouTube.  Alternatively, join us at any of our social runs and get some tips from one who participated…but don’t forget your bikini!

Stay tuned for our next workshop, coming up around July 1. If you have any resources or requests for subjects please contact me at

A big thank you to all that attended, brought a friend, or spread the word!

~ article submitted by Mary Plumb

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