SJMR Educational Series April 5th

San Juan Mountain Runners Educational Series

ChiRunning®: Energy Efficient/Injury-Free Running
Thursday, April 5
6:00-7:30 pm at the Montrose Rec Center
(16350 Woodgate Road)

Free and open to the public

Jill Burchmore, certified ChiRunning® coach, will introduce us to the key components of this injury-free running technique:

• Cooperate with gravity and the force of the road to find effortless, injury-free running
• Apply principles of physics and Tai Chi
• Efficient use of posture, arms, and legs
• Techniques for gradual and steep hills
• Techniques for breathing
• Minimize impact to joints and muscles

Whether you’re a seasoned marathoner or have never run a step, ChiRunning® will help you experience running that is effortless, pain free, and enjoyable! Please come prepared to experience these techniques outside if weather permits.

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